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Skilled construction team working on-site to build a custom home - FS Builders

About Us

Ever heard a builder admit to being dishonest? Neither have we. And yet, the homebuilding industry is rife with horror stories about shifting timelines, ballooning budgets, and an experience so stressful that customers are ready to give up on their dream projects. That’s why we’ve built our entire business around openness and transparency instead of forcing you to “trust your gut” when you’re deciding on a contractor. Whether you’re looking to build a fully custom home or undergo an extensive renovation to your existing residence, we’ve created a process and pricing model designed to make working with us completely painless and predictable.

Skilled construction team working on-site to build a custom home - FS Builders

Our Team

Our Founder

After gaining experience in the field working on nearly every stage of the homebuilding process, FS founder Zach Shelly took on a project manager role overseeing the construction of dozens of custom builds in Western North Carolina worth millions of dollars. When he noticed that many builders and contractors left considerable room for improvement in terms of the customer experience they offered, he earned his Unlimited Commercial and Residential General Contracting License and struck out to redefine what the construction process could look like for his clients. 

Building a home should be one of the most exciting projects you undertake in your lifetime — not a way to stress-test your marriage or strain your finances to the breaking point. If you want to work with a team whose building philosophy revolves around creating not only an exceptional home but an exemplary experience, give FS Builders a call.

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