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Our Pricing Model

For a client with no experience in the industry building their first (and perhaps only) custom home, navigating the financial side of the process can be a nightmare. That's why we make every effort to build our contracts around a Cost + Fixed Fee pricing model.

Our model, combined with our top of the line project management software, which shows clients every single bill of materials throughout the construction process, you have the foundation necessary for an open and honest relationship between contractor and customer. And if you want to make a change during the process, opting for Brazilian hardwood floors instead of the yellow pine in the original quote, you can see exactly how much that upgrade will cost you.

Pricing Example

Of course, every client needs some initial idea of a project’s cost, so we offer the following tiers of pricing as a very rough estimate. When we build out a contract, we’ll iron out specific details based on your needs and preferences to give you a much more accurate idea of your total financial obligation.



Cost/Sq. ft. Fee

Total/Sq. ft.


$160 cost+$40 fee= $200 Sq. ft.


240 cost+$60 fee= $300 Sq. ft.

*All figures are rough estimate, shown for example only*


As you can see, our margins don’t grow as your home does. We chose our fee because it allows us to consistently deliver our highest quality work—whether you’re building a cabin in the woods or mansion on a mountaintop.

Project Tracking

We provide clients access to our project tracking software for a transparent and open process. Access project work schedules, estimates, invoices, change orders, payments, bills and expenses in real time throughout the duration of your construction project.

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Cost + Fixed Fee

A Pricing Model Build on Transparency

Ask 10 different builders how much a new home costs and you’ll get 10 different answers, even from companies in the same region using the same suppliers. Many builders make an effort to quote the lowest possible price only to inflate that budget down the line and pad their own margins on a project. At FS Builders, we do things differently, which is why we make every effort to build our contracts around a Cost + Fixed Fee pricing model.

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